APOYO Soccer League

Introducing the APOYO Soccer League, a community-driven initiative aimed at promoting recreational activities and fostering a spirit of camaraderie among Ellensburg residents.

With a mission to extend the reach of recreational opportunities, the league will consist of 10 teams competing throughout the spring season, from March 29 to the end of May. Games will be held at local facilities, providing a platform for players of all skill levels to come together for some fun physical activity!

APOYO Community Cup 2023

To ensure the success of the league, support from generous donors is essential. Contributions will go towards securing facilities, acquiring necessary equipment, and compensating dedicated referees.

Join us in our endeavor to promote active lifestyles and community engagement. Whether you’re a player, a supporter, or a sponsor, your involvement is invaluable in helping us achieve our goal of enriching the lives of our Ellensburg neighbors through the love of soccer.