We invite potential sponsors to learn about our history of successful events and current sponsorship opportunities. These include our Fiesta Latina celebration showcasing the rich cultural diversity of our community. The APOYO soccer league promotes healthy competition and community engagement. The upcoming community outreach center, where APOYO will continue to distribute food to those in need.

Other APOYO programs include our health and wellness program which focuses on empowering individuals to lead healthier lifestyles, and our women’s fitness program “Amigas en Acción” which provides a supportive environment for women to pursue their fitness goals. As well as our athletic program for kids, “Amigos Atléticos,” encourages young participants to develop teamwork skills and stay active.

Your sponsorship support will directly contribute to these impactful initiatives, fostering a stronger, healthier, and more culturally vibrant community for all.

If you would like to sponsor an event or project you may find the specific event’s page below or feel free to contact APOYO.

APOYO Soccer League

Introducing the APOYO Soccer League, a community-driven initiative aimed at promoting recreational activities and fostering a spirit of camaraderie among Ellensburg residents.

We are asking for contributions of $250. Together, let’s make a positive impact on our community, one goal at a time. Thank you for your consideration and support!

Fiesta Latina 2023

The Fiesta Latina of 2023 celebration showcases the rich cultural diversity of our community, offering live music, dance performances, and traditional cuisine. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our sponsors for their invaluable support.

Are you interested in sponsoring Fiesta Latina 2024? Contact us at apoyocommunity@gmail.com for more information!

Catering by:

Tacos Chalitos

Beer provided by:

Iron Horse Brewery

Fiesta Latina 2023 Sponsors

Yakima Valley Community Foundation
Central Washington University

Community Outreach Center

APOYO is transitioning to a new facility off CWU’s campus, thanks to the support of the Inatai Foundation. With over 25 years of service, we aim to empower our community through food assistance, education, and multicultural activities but still require additional funds for our new community center.